Highlights: May 15, 2015

Click here to read about Child Journalists (Kid Reporters) at Hogarth.

Today’s story was The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant and Stephen Gammell. That’s the second Caldecott Honor book written by Cynthia Rylant we read this week.

PK2 Reports

Alexa: For snack we had cucumbers and crackers. For drinks we had water and juice. It was apple juice. Sebastian and Ella O. are (playing with) blocks and Hazel. Logan, Ty, Cam, Jacoby, Carter and Kyla are playing with the big Legos. We (Alexa and Ella B.) made this kind of zoo thing for animals out of blocks. Beckett’s playing cars with Sebastian and Ella O.

Beckett: A dog eat their picnic food (in today’s story). They were leaving at the morning to see their rellaters (relatives). I picked the rellaters (When the Relatives Came for Top Book).

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Jacoby: We had apple juice and crackers and water and cucumbers. I picked Top BookI’m Young in the Mountains. They tried to get the snake.

Ella B.: We read a book about the relatives. (And colored number 84 on our 100 Book Party Countdown chart.) They brought some stuff. Underpants and blankets and food and grapes.

Hazel: We did the To-Do List. Carter was this Mystery Kid. He picked a rectangle. He colored the rectangle orange.

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We singed Baby Face and we did giant voice and fairy voice and a regular voice. (We’re using Various Voices, which helps the children learn new lyrics.)

Kyla: I’m gonna write a star. (With the stencil.) Hazel writed a heart. Alexa did a star.


Logan: We sang The Hello Song. I putted my name on number 8 (in Pocket Chart Attendance) today. I did a Tweet.

Sebastian: We did Sharing and I bring a tire for the pumper and Ella B. brang a thing in a jar and Carter brang a heart and Hazel brang her Christmas slippers and Camden brang ABC Balls. (Which we’re going to work with next week. Thanks for sharing them with us, Camden!)

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