Welcome to Hogarth!

The Hogarth Country Day School is a small, private, state-licensed preschool in BradyHogarthEpping, New Hampshire established in 1980. Our goal is to facilitate growth in all areas of child development: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and aesthetic. Hogarth is one of the few New Hampshire state-licensed preschools solely dedicated to education. Although we do care for the children enrolled here, we are not a child daycare facility. The Hogarth Country Day School focuses on one overarching mission ― educating preschoolers.

Early childhood is a critical period in life. Early experiences lay the foundation for all that follows. There is no better academic or social cornerstone than a Hogarth preschool education. At Hogarth, we aim to enrich the whole child. What will your little one’s experience be at the Hogarth County Day School? 

It will be safe. The Hogarth environment is designed exclusively for preschool children. The furnishings are size-appropriate, and the playthings and classroom materials are developmentally-appropriate. We monitor the classroom from the first arrival through the last departure. When the children are enjoying outdoor life, the playground is equally supervised. Hogarth has only two rules. Everybody must be safe. Everybody must have fun. At the end of each day we can typically say, “Mission accomplished!”

It will be secure.  The Hogarth Country Day School is modeled on a classic one-room schoolhouse. Security is built into the environment. We have only one large, open classroom with more-than-adequate staffing. The doors are always locked, and the many windows give a clear view of the comings and goings. Security is built into our daily routines. A teacher ushers the children in from their cars upon arrival and escorts them out after class. A master list of people pre-authorized to pick up the children is kept at hand. A drivers license must be presented as proof of identity the first time a new person picks up, and each time thereafter by people who pick up infrequently. Security is built on trusting, open relationships. Establishing strong relationships with our families, some of whom have been sending their children to Hogarth for generations, is a top priority. It’s one of the reasons we’ve remained a small school all these years.

Seacoast 1st Place BannerIt will be responsive. Because the teachers are active participants in the classroom culture, it doesn’t take long to discover what makes a child tick and what tickles that child’s fancy. We use those discoveries to engage our students in building skills essential to success in school and life in general. Remaining a small school with a limited enrollment allows us to do big things!

It will be caring. We genuinely like and respect our students. We care deeply about them, and respect their feelings and opinions. In fact, respect is woven into the fabric of the Hogarth classroom culture. It is simply expected of everyone — students, teachers and parents. We are invested in the future of every child ever enrolled at Hogarth. We truly care.

Take a few minutes to look around our website. Most of the Blog Posts are password protected (which goes along with that secure-thing I wrote above), but there are a few public posts. If you’re pressed for time, visit Hogarth In a Nutshell for a quick look at the culture we’ve created at Hogarth.

If you want more information, or would like to schedule a tour, click over to our Contact page to drop us a note..

Enjoy your virtual visit!

EllaTweet2One thing the children do daily at Hogarth is Tweet. (Find out why here.) You’ll find snapshots from our Twitter account throughout the site.

2 Responses to Welcome to Hogarth!

  1. jessica seeley says:

    i loved coming here when i was a kid. i just wanted to let you guys know that i would have loved to send my son to hogarth but we live in manchester now. i hope one day to move back to epping and see my little classroom again. i had such fun there.

    thank you so much for the great times.

    • Andrea says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s always nice to hear from one of “my kids,” Jessica. (Once a Hogarth kid, always a Hogarth kid. Even when you’re all grown up with children of your own!)

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