An Exciting Announcement (and Fun for a Good Cause)

Rett’s Roost is a local charity supporting families of children dealing with cancer, something close to my heart. My nephew had his own battle with osteosarcoma 10 years ago. (I’m happy to say he’s doing great today!) I remember well the ripple effect that diagnosis had on our entire family. I know had Rett’s Roost been active then, it would have been a bright light in an otherwise dismal moment in life.

Rett's RoostI’m excited to announce that I’ve created a full scholarship for a 3 or 4-year old child from a Rett’s Roost family dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis. The scholarship child could be a sibling of the diagnosed child, or it could be the diagnosed child. The scholarship would run for one or two years, depending upon when the child “ages out” and into kindergarten. I’m planning to offer this scholarship for the foreseeable future.

I’m hoping to get the greater Hogarth community behind the good work the folks at Rett’s Roost are doing. To that end, I’ll pass along opportunities for you to directly support Rett’s Roost should you choose to do so. As luck would have it, they’re presenting a family-friendly event in a few short weeks.

Stratham ParkRett’s Roost is hosting a Spooktacular Kids Festival on Saturday, October 10th at Stratham Hill Park in Stratham from 10 am to 4 pm. On the agenda is a spooky fun run, music, magic, train ride, face painting, games, crafts, a toy flea market, food trucks, and much more. I’ll be there under the big tent with an activity geared toward preschoolers, but fun for older kids, too.

Shall we create a Hogarth Team for the Spooky Fun Run? I’m pledging the first $50 in the name of Team Hogarth. That means we need a team of walkers/runners! If you aren’t able to walk/run that day, please consider sponsoring one of your fellow Hogarthians who is walking/running for the cause. In any event, try to join the fun at Stratham Hill Park on October 10th. Rett’s Roost has SO much planned for the day. Your kids will love it, and you’ll feel great knowing you’re supporting such an excellent cause!


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