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SCBWI Member-badges3-300x260Welcome! Whether you’re a prospective parent checking out the Hogarth site or a picture book fan checking out my author site, I’m glad you’re here. To the picture book fans not only am I an author, I’m a teacher. To the prospective Hogarth parents not only am I teacher, I’m an author. Go me!

Here are the books I’ve written or contributed to so far.

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Want to learn a little about two of my favorites?

PrintWomen of the Pine Tree State: 25 Maine Women You Should Know is part of Apprentice Shop BooksAmerica’s Notable Women Series. I’m thrilled this series won the 2015 Moonbeam Silver Medal for Best Nonfiction Book Series. I contributed profiles to 7 books in the series, including one for my aunt, Rebecca Nurse, who was executed for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.

Want to learn a little about me?

  • As a kid I adored horses. My favorite horse book was Spurs for Suzanna by Betty Cavanna. I had a horse named Moonshine who I rode for hours around the corral next to the barn at our vacation home in Maine. We went nowhere fast and loved every minute of the journey.
  • Our vacation home in Maine was actually an old chicken coop with the poop swept out. My father added bunk beds, electricity, and a pot-bellied stove. You can’t beat the high life.
  • As an adult, I am allergic to horses. Now I adore dogs. My favorite dog is Mary Murphy, my Rat Terrier. She is a high-strung, high-maintenance, pointy-eared pooch I wouldn’t trade for a million dollars. Unless she was going to a very nice home. I kid! Kind of.


  • I’m a member of The Write Sisters, a group of multi-published children’s authors. We started as a critique group and became great friends. Our goals are to spread our love for children’s books and writing, and to share our expertise with others. Here we spread the love by sending Flat Stanley off to continue his adventures.

WS Flat Stanley

  • I love my nieces and nephews. Arthur, John, Margaret, Bitsy, Daniel, Thomas, Alex, Maggie, James, Rachel and Annie are humans of the highest order.
  • I love to travel. Our National Park System is amazing. I think it was the best thing Teddy Roosevelt did as President. Besides the Bear, of course.

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  • I love to read. That’s me sitting on Santa’s lap. Why the sad face? Because I’m on a

AndyandSanta (2)lap, but nobody is reading to me. I’m sure I asked him to bring me a book for Christmas. And a bike and a pony and a Patty Play Pal, even though she walked like Frankenstein.

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