T Minus Two Days and Counting!

Is everybody excited about getting started with school at Orientation on Wednesday? I know I am! I cannot wait for the walls to ring with the sounds generated in a busy preschool classroom. I love the chatter surrounding developing (or renewing) friendships. The ding of the Tweet bell after a child shares his or her thoughts with the Hogarth Twitosphere. The clatter of blocks and Duplos signifying thought-in-action. Even the sound of children who are not quite sure that preschool is the place to be (that sound would be crying at drop-off time) heralds the dawn of personal independence. (Enlarge that Twitter screen shot to read a few thoughts from children ENDING their preschool year to see where all that personal independence can lead a child.) I am privileged to witness so many great moments in so many young lives. Lucky me!

Twitter Shots


Don’t forget to share the excitement you have for your child starting preschool with your little preschooler. Going to preschool is a HUGE deal! Let your little one see and share in your positive attitude. Children taking this first step into school sometimes need reassurance that they are going to be okay. You can let them know they will be fine, and that Miss Murphy and Miss Vicki are going to take good care of them, and help them to learn how to take good care of themselves. Why not show them our school rules?


We have only two, very positive school rules. In essence, the rules are BE SAFE and HAVE FUN. There isn’t a DON’T or a NO in sight, yet it covers every aspect of classroom discipline. It might be FUN to throw a block, but it sure isn’t SAFE! And, part of my job as a teacher is to expand a child’s idea of FUN to include the joy of learning. If I as the teacher don’t make all of our preschool learning experiences engaging (if you’re engaged, you’re having FUN), shame on me!

Our journey officially begins in two days. It’s going to be a wonderful ride!

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