Revisited: Hey! This Music Makes Me Want to Dance!

This was originally posted in February 2013.

Music is such a life-enriching thing. It sets a mood, creates an atmosphere, and cements a memory. It also defines itself. Let me explain what I mean. In my classroom, I have music playing softly in the background when the children are arriving and settling in, during snack, and while the children are playing. I have a number of stations shuffling on Pandora from classical to opera to ballet to children’s music, or I’ll tune the radio to 99.5, WGBH Classical New England. (FYI, you can access 99.5′s fabulous Kids Classical Channel here.)

Last Thursday morning I had 99.5 on the radio while the children were arriving. The music wasn’t at the forefront of the moment, it was just playing quietly in the background. Suddenly, Annabelle froze to listen then said, “Hey! This music makes me want to dance!” She started moving to the music, and was soon joined by several of her friends. What was the song that made itself known to Annabelle, this song that made her want to dance? It was the Infernal Galop from Jacques Offenbach‘s Orpheus in the Underworld, otherwise known as the Can-Can Dance.

I did not share that video with the children, although I’m sure Annabelle, at least, would enjoy it.

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