Project Nature, Parties, and Goodbyes

Can you believe we’re about to start our last week of school for the 2014-2015 academic year? Where did the year go? I have to thank you all again for the extraordinary patience you had this past winter when the classroom flooded. I was touched by your support and kindness, and grateful for the little community we’ve all established around Hogarth.

So, here we are! In just a few short days many of my students will walk out of my classroom for the last time. For some of my Hogarth families, this is your last “Hogarth kid.” I have loved getting to know all of you and am grateful you chose Hogarth as your child’s first school. Know that even though our time together is coming to a close, your little one will forever remain in my teacher’s heart. (I know Miss Vicki feels the same!)

I’m happy I’m not saying “goodbye” to all of you, and that some of you will be returning in the fall to continue the adventure. As they all do, the summer will fly and we’ll be back together before you know it. Hogarth families who are returning in the fall will find the Welcome page already posted on the website. If you have any back-to-school questions, you’ll probably find the answers there.

But we’re not done yet! We have one more fabulous week to get through. My hand is healed enough that I can type in short bursts, so we’ll be Tweeting and Reporting throughout the week. (Don’t forget to FAVORITE your child’s Tweets so they aren’t lost in the deluge of Hogarth Tweets. We’ve reached 7,000 Tweets and counting!)

Our last Project Nature program of the year is tomorrow for EK and PK3 and Thursday for PK2. The charge is $10. 068That’s Project Nature’s Mary Doane during her April visit, and that’s Sebastian the Great on her lap. This time she’s bringing her turtles. There’s a reason Mary is known far and wide as The Turtle Lady!

We’ll be having a waffle breakfast in EK and PK2 on Wednesday and Friday, and a pizza party in PK3 on Wednesday. The EK/PK2 menu includes waffles with or without syrup depending on preference, yogurt, fruit, sausages, orange juice, apple juice, 1% milk and water. The PK3 menu includes cheese pizza, carrot sticks, yogurt, fruit, Popsicles, apple juice, 1% milk and water. Please let me know if your child can’t have something on the menu. I know of at least one vegetarian in PK2 who will not be partaking in the sausages. The charge is $5, and you can include that with your Project Nature payment in a sealed envelope with your child’s name written on it. If you’re writing a check, you only need to write one check payable to Hogarth Country Day School. (If your child attends multiple classes there is only one Project Nature fee, but we need to collect both meal fees. Thank you!)

Happy Father’s Day to the Hogarth Dads and Happy First Day of Summer to everybody!

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