School Cancellation Policy

This policy is included in the main POLICY section. It is highlighted here in its own page because it’s the most-searched policy we have.

Because HCDS enrolls so many children from out-of-town, Hogarth has a list of target 100_5016communities that can trigger a cancellation. (Hogarth does not do delayed openings.) Hogarth announces school closings on WMUR’s Channel 9. In the event that ANY of the following communities have weather-related closings or delays —  Epping, Raymond, Fremont, Brentwood, Nottingham, Lee and Exeter — EK and PK2 parents should check Channel 9 after 6:30 a.m., and PK3 parents should check after 10 a.m. to see if we are holding class. If there has been a delay, more than likely we will not have morning class, but may be able to have our afternoon class meet.  (Loss of power results in an automatic cancellation.) Cancellations will be posted on Facebook and the Snippets and Sniffles page, power permitting.

This policy gives us a bit of leeway in deciding snow day cancellations. If we do have class and not everybody is able to attend, the lesson plan will be adjusted so that no new AlexaTweetJPEGconcepts are introduced that day. The HCDS tuition schedule is structured to compensate for 3 unexpected school closings (whether for weather-related or other reasons) for each class. There is no further reduction in tuition for unanticipated school closings or cancellations due to circumstances beyond our control. These days taken off are not made up. If we have an excessively hard winter and are forced to close more than 4 days in a class, compensatory make-up classes will be offered for any days we are closed over and above the initial 4 days. For example, if we lose 5 days of EK in a winter, 1 compensatory EK class will be offered. If we do not use all 3 allotted snow days in a winter, you will not be charged for the extra days of school your child receives as a result. Consider it a little bonus!

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