Out in the Garden

My returning families will probably recognize the title of this blog entry. It’s the name of one of our favorite Hogarth songs. I originally wrote the song to go with our May Calendars, but have since changed it to a more generic spring song. Over the summer I wrote three more verses to include all the seasons in the garden. It’s the centerpiece of my curriculum in all classes this year, complete with a little container garden for the children to tend right outside our door.

Out in the GardenWe’ll have a different classroom gardener each day in the fall and spring whose job it will be to check the fairy rain gauge and, if necessary, water the ornamental pepper plants (or whatever it is we grow in the spring). If any little weeds pop up, the gardener will pull those. Each day the gardener will report to his or her classmates what s/he did in the garden that day.

You can share these pictures with your children, and read that last paragraph to them. It will give them one more thing to look forward to at Hogarth. And when you come for Orientation on September 8th, make sure to stop at the little container garden and count a few peppers!

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