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If you are a visitor to our site, you’ll notice that much of the content is password protected. We take the privacy and security of our young students seriously, and keep much of what is posted for and about them under cyber lock and key. There are a few open posts, which will give you an idea of the culture we’ve created at Hogarth. If you like what you read, contact us to schedule a visit!

Emotional Intelligence

One Size Does Not Fit All

We Are So Thankful and Proud!

Singing: Every Little Ditty Counts

Early Childhood Education or Rushed Childhood Education?

Preschool Social Studies

Your Little Rocket Scientist

Don’t worry. Be Happy. If only it were that easy!

Camp Jabberwocky

Out in the Garden

Raising a Moral, Kind Child

Read Where You Are!

Prekindergarten Matters

Preschool: Where Great Friendships Take Root

Music Makes Everything Better!

Beautiful Music is a Beautiful Thing

Staying Healthy at Hogarth

It’s Almost Time!

Time to Rhyme!

I Am So Proud!

And the winner is . . .

Everybody Sing!

Prescribing Preschool

Get Out of the Way and Let ‘Em Play!

“Where Are Her Eyes?”

T Minus Two Days and Counting!

Lions and Tigers and Bunnies. Oh, My!

It’s Read Across America Day!

Revisited: Hey! This Music Makes Me Want to Dance!

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