Programs, Schedules and Tuition

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Early Kindergarten meets Monday through Wednesday from 8:15 a.m. until 11:15 a.m.

Prekindergarten 3 meets Monday through Wednesday from noon until 3:00 p.m.

Prekindergarten 2 meets Thursday and Friday from 8:15 a.m. until 11:15 a.m.

Program descriptions are found further down the page.

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Tuition is divided into eleven equal payments, with the last payment due on May 1st. Your first payment is due on July 1st or the day you register if registering after July 1st.

Class Meets Tuition 11 Payments
Early Kindergarten M T W $3,025.00 $275.00
Prekindergarten 3 M T W $3,025.00 $275.00
Prekindergarten 2 Th F $2,200.00 $200.00

If your child enrolls after the start of the school year, tuition rates will be adjusted accordingly.

As a way of saying thank you for their continued enrollment, students of families returning to Hogarth Country Day School will receive a 5% discount on the total tuition. This discount does not apply to registration fees or miscellaneous charges. A $75.00 registration fee is due the day you register.  A $100.00 registration fee is due if you are enrolling one child in multiple programs, or if you are enrolling twins or a second child. Tuition and fees paid are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Parents and students are invited to attend orientation the Wednesday after Labor Day.  Orientation helps with the home-to-school transition.  After meeting and playing with new classmates while mother or father is close at hand, most children easily separate from parents on the first day of school in September.

Program Eligibility by Age

Children who are 4 to 5-years old by September 30th may enroll in any of the classes offered at Hogarth. Children enrolling in both morning and afternoon classes will need to bring a nutritious lunch to school.

Children who are 3 to 4-years old by September 30th are age-eligible for either Prekindergarten program. (We accept a limited number of children into PK2 who will be aged 3 years by December 30th.  These children must have instructor permission to enroll. Please contact Andrea to discuss the suitability of this placement for your child.)

Programs Available

Our three basic programs are the Early Kindergarten program and two Prekindergarten Programs. (Click here to read about a typical day at HCDS.) Because parents know best what their child is ready for, we offer a variety of enrollment options. If we have openings, we welcome enrollments at any point in the academic year. Read our Enrollment Details here.

What exactly is Early Kindergarten? Early Kindergarten, or EK, is a developmentally appropriate option for older or more mature 4-year olds who are ready for a higher level of structure in their day.  It is also the perfect option for any 5-year olds who would benefit from an extra year before formally starting kindergarten.  Over the years, Hogarth has enrolled many dozens of students whose parents delayed their entry into either first grade or kindergarten to give their child a year to grow and further develop.  This option is not a retention, because the child hasn’t started anything that he or she needs to repeat. Many Hogarth parents have taken this option when they are unsure if their child will be ready for the rigors of first grade the following year.  Whatever a child is ready for by the end of the EK year, whether it be first grade or kindergarten, EK will have given the child the foundation needed to successfully transition to the level appropriate for him or her. A delayed entry for a 5-year old could very well be the greatest gift a parent ever gives that child.

What exactly is Prekindergarten? Prekindergarten, or PK, is an introduction to school for 3 and 4-year olds.  At the start of the school year, the day is loosely structured to provide a developmentally appropriate academic and social experience for these very young students.  As the year progresses, more structure is added as the child builds those skills necessary for classroom success.We offer a 3-day PK class (PK3), and a 2-day PK class (PK2).

Regardless of the program, our students are appropriately challenged and supported according to their individual needs.

Why Preschool?

Why is a high quality preschool program essential to your child’s healthy development?  If for no other reason than to enhance social development, your little one should be in preschool.  The following is from Young Children’s Social Development: A Checklist by Dianne McClellan and Lilian G. Katz.

“Early childhood educators have traditionally given high priority to enhancing young children’s social development.  During the last two decades a convincing body of evidence has accumulated to indicate that unless children achieve minimal social competence by about the age of six years, they have a high probability of being at risk throughout life.  Hartup suggests that peer relationships contribute a great deal to both social and cognitive development and to the effectiveness with which we function as adults . . . the single best childhood predictor of adult adaptation is not IQ, not school grades, and not classroom behavior but, rather the adequacy with which the child gets along with other children . . . . children who cannot establish a place for themselves in the peer culture are seriously ‘at risk’.”

Play at Hogarth

Play is the essence of childhood.  It allows children to discover their abilities and explore their interests.  A child will create a rollicking good time out of thin air using nothing more than his or her imagination.  Add a selection of thoughtfully chosen materials and a few playmates, and the results couldn’t be more magical. Children are driven to play, and for very good reason. It is the foundation for all physical, intellectual, educational, emotional, and social development. Play is an important component in all of our classes at Hogarth.

Much of the development and learning that goes on at Hogarth happens through play. Teachers plan and develop play opportunities in partnership with the students to meet the needs of the children. Teachers are actively involved in play with the children when appropriate and when welcomed by the children. Children develop listening skills and learn number and letter concepts through stories, fingerplays and poems. They gain understanding of math concepts as they sort and construct with blocks and Legos. Children strengthen language skills as they create and develop imaginative play situations with their peers. Their social competence steadily increases as they experience more and more complexity in their peer relationships. Click here for an article on the importance of play in intellectual development.

Because Hogarth offers individual as well as group instruction, no matter which class a child is enrolled in, that child will receive a program tailored to meet his or her needs and interests.  4-year olds enrolled in either PK program who are scheduled to attend kindergarten the following year receive instruction that develops those academic, social and classroom skills needed for success in the kindergarten classroom.

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You are just my favorite teacher, Andrea.  I’m always telling people what a wonderful school you have and how you not only teach, but love your little children. M.F., Satisfied Hogarth Grandparent

I was a member of the first class to graduate Hogarth in 1981.  I went to 16 additional years of school after that, but the year at Hogarth was the best.  Andrea had so much energy and boundless enthusiasm that every day was a new adventure. A.H.