Highlights: Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Today was Yoga Day! The children learned a few new poses, including rabbit, turtle and turkey. They sure do love working with the scarves!

We read Pat Hutchins’ beautifully illustrated book Don’t Get Lost! and picked Top Book. Run, Turkey, Run! won in both classes. The first thing many of the children did when they arrived at school today was search out Turkey. (Not sure what that’s all about? Read yesterday’s Highlights to find out.) They’ve really connected with that runaway bird!


Michael: I played with Noah. We played a rescue fire game. We moved blocks because Miss Vicki and Miss Murphy did it. We made the table like an “L.” I’m going to do a Tweet.

IMG_1668Julie: I hold the flag. We said the Pledging.

IMG_1596Logan: We did Yoga. Bunny and turtle (poses). We have a new classroom because the block bucket is in a different part of the room. The blue table used to be there. The blue table is turned to an L shape.

Alba: I’m the Mystery Kid (on the To-Do List) because I picked the star. I colored the star pink. I’m the Mystery Kid all day! I got 6 (on Pocket Chart Attendance).

Jacoby: We had bananas and crackers for snack. We picked Top Book. We read Don’t Get Lost! They (the animals) looked kind of like robots to me. They played hide and go seek. They went for a splash. I think the tractor’s going to get the horse and the cow. I think they’re going to cook them and put them into the food.


We worked with Mikale’s To-Do List.

The children started learning the fall song Little Red Leaves. They danced like little red leaves, falling gracefully to the ground at the end.

Rachel: We got to do a Downward Dog in Yoga. We got to do a new kind of Table (pose).  Run, Turkey, Run! won Top Book. I picked Run, Turkey, Run! We had bananas and crackers for snack. I picked 8 (on Pocket Chart Attendance). We read Don’t Get Lost! today. The little pig wanted to go on a walk after she ate her breakfast. Her mother said, “Yes! But don’t get lost and be back in time for dinner.” The sheep wanted to go with Piglet and the mom said, “Yes! But don’t get lost and be back in time for dinner.”

TODAY’S GALLERY (Click here to view the Yoga pictures.)

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