Enrollment Details

  • We admit children to Hogarth on a “first come first served” basis according to availability of space in each class. Other than age-requirements, our one prerequisite for enrollment is children must be toilet trained.
  • We treat children of all races, religions and cultures with equal respect and consideration.
  • Hogarth does not administer any placement tests prior to admission.  The National Association for the Education of Young Children notes “school readiness tests all have error rates in the range of 50%; that is, half of the children placed in special programs based on results of readiness tests should be enrolled in regular programs.  Such tests should not be used to create barriers to school entry or to sort children into what are perceived to be homogeneous groups.”
  • Currently enrolled students planning to return to Hogarth the following year sign up in December. Students currently enrolled in Prekindergarten 3 receive the first choice of the Early Kindergarten spots, followed by currently enrolled Prekindergarten 2 students. Enrollment then opens to alumni families.
  • We begin accepting enrollments from families new to Hogarth in January, once all currently enrolled families and alumni families enroll.
  • We have an open enrollment policy depending on availability of space. This means children are able to enroll at any point in the school year if we have an opening.
  • For more information visit Programs, Schedules and Tuition.
  • For even more information contact us.

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