I had the best teacher in kindergarten.  Her name was Andrea Murphy.  I went to Hogarth.  I had the time of my life. P.H. in his 5th grade autobiography, 2005

For more than three decades, Andrea Murphy has taught many of the area’s youngest students in the big barn behind the brick house across from the Lamprey River in Epping, New Hampshire. Since Andrea and her sisters opened this innovative early childhood center in 1980, generations of children have thrived on the Hogarth experience. Take some time to wander around this site. You’ll see exactly why everybody has fun at Hogarth!

The Hogarth Philosophy

We believe that children are active learners who learn best when interested in the subject matter. A child’s response to a situation is determined primarily by how the child understands the situation. Children are cared for and loved unconditionally at Hogarth. A child’s physical, emotional and intellectual developments are given equal consideration. At Hogarth we encourage decision making, problem solving, responsibility, creativity, peer and teacher interaction, individuality, and respect of peers. We encourage children to have faith in themselves. Each child is his* own person, and we help him develop and begin realizing his potential as a scholar, artist and human being.

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I love my school named Hogarth because of lots of things, like playing house, making friends and we always get to sing.**  Darby, Class of ’06. 

Thank you for being the best teacher in the world.  Dominic, Class of ’05

I just wanted to thank you for the two wonderful years Zachary had with you.  His love of learning and great attitude toward school will help him become great, and that is what he got from Hogarth.  He was able to get such a nice head start with you and your school.  I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for him (for us).  C.A., Satisfied Hogarth Parent

Elizabeth will never experience anything better than her two years with you. After Hogarth, I can’t imagine anything coming close.  R.S., Satisfied Hogarth Parent and Retired High School Teacher

We appreciate your attentive teaching and caring ways with Alex these past two years (and Drew for his two years as well).  Four years with Hogarth — what will the real world be like?!  Drew still fondly remembers his days with you, and Alex is already fondly reminiscing about his good times and good friends.  We’ll miss Hogarth and will always remember these happy times!  S.E., Satisfied Hogarth Parent

Thank you for the wonderful work that you do with our son.  My husband and I are thrilled to have such a great school! J.S., Satisfied Hogarth Parent

*For the sake of readability, feminine and masculine pronouns are purposely interchanged throughout this site.

**All testimonial letters are on file and available for prospective parents to read at Hogarth.